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About Chris Banweg


Born in Akron, Ohio and a Hudson resident for the last 10 years.  Chris is a husband and father who appreciates the value of the city of Hudson and what it represents for its residents.

Passionate about serving, Chris is a man of integrity who will represent the interests of the community.

  • Global Project Manager
  • Patriot who has served the nation and will continue to serve his community

  • Collaborative in solutions, we all live here together


For over 20 years Chris has balanced both active military service as well as a prolific corporate career.  Chris is a proven leader who has been thoroughly tested in challenging and complex environments.  He is a decorated Marine Officer who has lead servicemen and women from all branches through three combat deployments, and he continues his service to our country through his reserve duty.  Chris knows what it means to both lead and serve. Beyond the battlefield, Chris has spent decades in the business world managing resources effectively to grow businesses and deliver results. Chris has a passion for excellence and working towards a better future for our community.


Chris is a devoted husband and father of three children.  Chris and his family moved to Hudson right when their daughter was starting kindergarten and have loved raising their family here.  He has witnessed the care and involvement of the Hudson community, which inspired him to run in the first place.  Chris appreciates the value that Hudson is for individuals and families alike.  He values the commitment to excellence that is displayed throughout Hudson, from the schools and community organizations to the historic downtown district and local businesses.


Advocate for Residents

Hudson has both historic and natural appeal. Residents and visitors alike view Hudson as a beautiful small town of historical significance with friendly neighbors and an active community.

Representing the People - Residents must feel like their voice is heard in the management of their city.  I am the choice for your voice. As a proven leader in both business and national service, I recognize and value the thoughts and opinions of those I represent. I have a record of integrity and commitment to seeking and sharing truth.  I pledge to be an honest representative for your voice, sharing information and listening to the resident response on issues.

Responsible Spending - Fiscal responsibility is crucial to investing in our basic infrastructure, public safety, and responsibly managing new development.  Transparent city spending reinforces sustainable city management that balancing development and the foundational requirements of the city. Management of current resources should be clearly understood and visible to the residents of the community.

Respecting Hudson's Character & Appeal - Thoughtful development strategies can preserve the charming character for future generations and preserve our community legacy while engaging with our advancing world using sound investment principles and proper resource management.

Support for Chris Banweg is support for excellence in Hudson's city government.

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