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Chris Banweg Announces Candidacy for Hudson City Council

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Chris Banweg, a Hudson local and decorated military veteran, has announced his intent to run for Hudson City Council in November.

Chris and his children (Alena, David, and Anton) attend a Hudson Highschool football game after Chris returned from military service overseas.

“Government should honestly and transparently represent the interests of their community.”

Chris's experience has prepared him to listen, discuss and deliver smart solutions for the people of Hudson from a platform of transparency and integrity.

Hudson Resident and Public Servant

Chris may not be a seasoned politician, but that can be a good thing. After more than 20 years working in business and government Chris is intimately familiar with community challenges and opportunities. In his career Chris has worked with the US and foreign governments on governance, economics and projects ranging from local roads to global technology integration. Chris brings a broad range of experiences balancing risk with resources and believes firmly in government's responsibility to spend responsibly.

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