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Hard Times Make Good People

I love walking the neighborhoods getting to see the insights of my Hudson neighbors. Recently we've been through some hard times, but I believe there are better times ahead and let me share why.

We were living in good times in Hudson. But hard times came late in 2019 and have carried on through 2021. The silver lining is hard times can make good people, and good people can make good times.

Hard times awaken people to what we’ve taken for granted. Hard times challenge us to take stock of our priorities and once again put the most valuable things on top. Hard times shake us, and if we persevere and learn from them, they remake us better.

“The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” -- Alexis De Tocqueville

A common thread when good times go wrong is that people are comfortable enough to think someone else will take care of the problems or do the hard work that is needed. I believe in the power of our democratic process and its ability to learn and rise through challenges.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

It sounds like a wearying thing to be ever vigilant, but it is gratifying to be part of a community shouldering the burden. Get involved where you can to be a part of our path forward. While much of my service has been overseas, I have become well aware of our needs here at home over this last year, and I am here to shoulder the burden with you.

There will always be more challenges ahead, even if they don't look like late 2019. I offer to listen and make decisions for the good of the city and our residents. When we fail to lead, we choose to fail. Our community deserves strong leadership, and the choice is yours to make. If not you, then who will make that choice? Register to vote absentee or mark your calendar and vote Nov 2!

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