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It's Time to Rebuild Comm-UNITY

Several weeks into COVID my son, Anton, said to me "Dad, when all of this coronavirus stuff slows down, were going to have a lot of building up of our country to do."

For a 12-year-old, that was pretty profound. I asked what he meant, and he clarified "Building each other back up." As much as I want to shelter my kids, they could still see the country tearing itself apart.

He was right, and the time to rebuild is now. It's time. I believe it in my heart, and that's why I've agreed to run for the city council. I had just returned from a deployment working one of the most violent societal divisions I've seen in my life and was a student at the Army War College. I've spent nearly 20 years helping others improve their towns and nations, walking with them through political, religious, and ethnic division. The nature of my work is to be unknown and in the background. We call it being the quiet professional. I go when I'm called because what we have in the United States is unique and worth all I can give. Admittedly, I've seen some of the worst, but I've also seen plenty of the "best" nations as well. Even they don't compare to the star and stripes.

I've traveled to other cities in the US, and I put Hudson at the top of the list for neighborliness and compassion. There will always be exceptions to the norm, but few towns compare to the community we have in Hudson. This community is why I am willing to give up the quiet life I value to be a part of this political process.

I stand for the residents' voices, and I hear them saying they want civility and professionalism. They don't desire narratives and division. It's time for leadership to focus on strengthening the city.

What you've told me is that we need experienced leadership. There are always challenges and opportunities for a community to navigate. Who do you want at the table leading those decisions? My campaign is for professional skills and leadership rather than political tactics. At this time, I leave it entirely in your hands if you'll take me up on my offer to serve the community on the council.

I look forward to meeting many of you and hearing from you online and in the Pulse Survey. If you want to be part of the campaign, click "Get Involved or Contact Us." I'm on the move, walk with me.

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