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Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day weekend is here, and this year in Hudson, we will once again honor the day with a parade and ceremony. While it unofficially marks the beginning of summer celebrations, it is also a solemn time to remember the sacrifice made to enable our celebrations. Memorial Day is a somber time for many. I pray for your comfort on a day of challenging memories for those who have lost loved ones. Thank you to the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

This weekend, we remember the sacrifice given in life and death by our brothers and sisters in arms. Their lives were a testament to the values that make us a great nation - honor, courage and unwavering commitment to our nation’s values. Keeping their memories alive reminds us of who we are and why our freedom is worth fighting for. Here I share a link to just two stories of the many I’ve known. I hope to honor their memories by sharing their stories.

SgtMaj Robert J. Cottle

LCpl Rick J. Centanni

I am grateful to see the Hudson community come together and bring back the Memorial Day parade and ceremony. After World War I, President Calvin Coolidge stated, “The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.”

If you have the opportunity, find a veteran and ask them if they would be willing to share a story about a friend or colleague lost in the line of duty to honor their memory.

Please join us in downtown Hudson between 303 and 91 at 10am for a parade that celebrates the freedoms bought by sacrifice and then afterward (~11am) at Markille Cemetery for a ceremony to honor those who made today possible.

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