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Serving our Community and Our Nation – The Next Generation

I was delighted that my daughter, Alena, wanted to come along when I started my door-to-door walks, getting to know more residents in Hudson. In addition to being a great conversation, her heart for the community and her neighbors is impressive.

I truly appreciate the time you take to answer your door, meet me and allow me to get to know you. I’m excited to get to know more residents in Hudson and understand your interests and concerns for the community. We have a great community, and we can preserve it by focusing on:

1. Listening to the residents of Hudson

2. Making financially responsible investments with the resources entrusted to the city

3. Preserving the historic appeal and the community feel of Hudson

I’m glad to see my kids’ interest in how representative government works. Free thought and expression have been the bedrock of progress in our nation for over 275 years. My family has been incredible with their support of my campaign alongside our friends and neighbors in the community.

I’ll be launching the second Hudson Pulse survey shortly and am very interested to hear more of the thoughts of my friends and neighbors from the city of Hudson.

I hope to hear from you there!

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