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Voices Unheard on Memorial Day Issue

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Hudson's traditional and long-treasured Memorial Day parade is again canceled for 2021.

The city's choice to cancel the parade saddens me. While some may say it's not a big deal or the decision was obvious, I've heard many residents voice their displeasure at the decision.

A deeper concern, and apparently one shared by other residents, is that the decision was made without consulting or discussing with the city council, our elected representatives.

An outdoor event could safely socially distance and follow all safety protocols amid a state-wide vaccination rollout in the state of Ohio. Yet unilateral decisions leave no room for input by elected officials or residents.

It gives the appearance that the residents' opinions on decisions don't matter. For such an honored event, why was there no discussion with the elected representatives?

Memorial Day is a time set aside to honor those who've fallen in the service of our nation. The parade is a time to share that honoring service. A ceremony will be held at the cemtery and I encourage you to attend.

My family and I will be honoring the fallen with something called "the Murph" or, for some family members, a "mini-Murph." If Memorial Day is important to you, find your way to honor the fallen.

Feel free to share your ideas.

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