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Now the Work Begins

Now that the election is over, the work is beginning. Thank you to all the Hudson residents that shared their broad support with your votes, signs, donations, and time. Your contributions greatly impacted this grassroots effort, and your support deeply humbles me. The community's effort brought us here today with victory at the end of the election! Now I look forward to your engagement in leading our city forward.

December 7th, I am officially sworn in as a Hudson City Councilman - At Large. I am honored to have been elected by the residents of Hudson to serve in this position, and I look forward to the next four years of seeking ways to fulfill the commitments made to the residents of our fine city.

I remain focused on:

  • Representing the residents' interests

  • Spending responsibly

  • Respecting the character and appeal of Hudson

Most residents want their local government to operate effectively and transparently. They are looking for their representatives to decide with their interests and proper city functions in mind. That is my goal.

Now begins the work of municipal government, and while I won't be coming door to door every weekend for the next four years, I still want to hear your thoughts and represent them in our local government. I believe it's essential to understand the broad community's interests and prioritize city efforts on the community's interests at large. I welcome your input to keep a pulse on Hudson's community interest. It is vital to stay connected with the people I represent. I have included the following survey link to provide a convenient means to stay connected with your thoughts. A similar survey provided me with incredible insight during the campaign. This one will help me stay tuned to your priorities and interests in addition to the numerous other ways that we connect.

Hudson Pulse Survey Jan 2022

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